Warnings about Fake and Bad CBD

The hemp industry is exploding right now. Thousands of companies are entering the market, and thousands more customers are in search of hemp oil supplements to improve their already healthy lifestyles. What’s more, some manufacturers, whether solo or industrial, are cutting corners to meet the market demand. They’re cultivating, manufacturing, and producing hemp-based products using oils and sources that are fake or unnatural. This means that you need to do your due diligence when looking into a company you’re about to buy hemp-based products online. In this article, we’ll share how you can take three steps to make sure you’re getting real, high-quality hemp-based products.

How To Buy High-Quality Hemp-Based Products

It’s important to protect yourself from fake or otherwise unnatural hemp products. The CDC advises that CBD and other related products should be regulated to protect the consumer from irresponsible manufacturing and sales, as the demand for the plant continues to grow. Below, we share the three steps you can take to ensure you buy from the best hemp oil supplement companies online:

Step #1. Ask If The Company Manufactures Its Own Hemp Products

Watch out for hemp sellers that do not, at the very least, observe the entire hemp cultivation, production, and manufacturing process. Right now, independent hemp growers are taking advantage of hemp-product sellers because the demand for the product is rapidly increasing. Most sellers cannot keep up with consumer demand, which means they’re losing sales. This drives some to cut corners and utilize what the industry is calling the “Fly By Night” suppliers.


Step #2. Ask How The Company Sources Its Hemp

Did you know that hemp is naturally a phytoremediative plant? This means that it pulls up a lot of the minerals, chemicals, and toxins from the ground that it’s planted in. The health of the soil where the hemp roots are planted can determine how healthy the plant is overall.

It’s important that you discover how the hemp plant of the hemp oil supplements was sourced before you purchase the products. This will protect you from less-than-desirable hemp products.

Step #3. Ask If The Company Utilizes Its Own Extraction Process

As a consumer, you should be able to ask about batch-testing results so that you can determine potency based on dosage of a given hemp oil supplement. This means that if you’re looking to mitigate discomfort or relieve pain, you can know beforehand if the product will help.


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